Zak Whitford Cinematographer from Through The Lens Productions Ontario
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FergusDownTown Sunflower Smile River Autumn Harvast CliffMountain Frozen Berries Rome Black and Red Butterfly Yellow Butterfly Coloured Necklace Church Yellow Daisy Grand River Dreaming Ffaith Rose Fence Fergus Falls Little Reflection Friends Inspire Frosty River Magnolia Frozen River Golden Field flowerbracelet Grizzly Guelph Falls Kitten Pink Lily CandleHolders Love Love Rock Necklace Ddaffidill Snake Old Truck Autumn River Pompii Peek-a-Boo Piglets Ring Thissles Temple Kitchen Island Purple Flower Statue Roots Over Rushing Water Geese Necklace Thinking Of You Livingroom Magnolia Bush Two Magnolia Blossoms Bracelet Thissle Watches Tiger Scotish Parade Tooth of Time Black Necklace Touchdown Scottish Dancers Waterfalls Purses Yellow Bird Kitchen Frozen Pine