Through the Lens Productions Ontario Video Production and Camera Operator




Zak Whitford Cinematographer with Gold Metalist


Video and film communicates stories and information, entertains us, and captures time and memories. My enthusiasm for being behind the camera began early in my life, capturing photos of the beautiful scenic landscapes of my Fergus-Elora community. I started my photography business selling my photos to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society in 2009. I then moved into shooting business product photography, extreme sports, events, and real estate properties. As a professional photographer I worked for my town's tourist department and also for my town’s newspaper shooting photos for the stories being covered. Besides my work in these positions, my photos have also been published online, on television, and in magazines.

In 2011 my career took a turn sideways when I found my passion for video production and completed the Broadcast Television program at Conestoga College. During my studies I was selected to work for the college's Media department to produce professional quality video productions for the college and their clients. Outside of school I had the opportunity to shot and produced my first full-length feature documentary which was viewed publicly at the Elora Movie Theatre in October 2012.

I started my video production business Through The Lens Production and Photos before graduating college with honours in 2013. Since then I've been working freelance all over Ontario, learning from great people, gaining experience and expanding my skills in all aspects of production. I've become known for my extraordinary work ethic and strong commitment to the highest quality work possible. Working in studio and out in the field, I thrive in high-paced working environments often working within tight time schedules. I enjoy working with different crews and always supporting my team members. I've learned that the ability to do great story telling and conveying emotion in film is accentuated with great technical filming aspects including lighting, camera composition, and audio. I am always striving to bring the best story to the screen using all my technical and creative skills. My work takes me all across Ontario and allows me the pleasure of meeting and filming many interesting people including Canadian gold medallists, the Hamilton Tiger Cats football team and the Premier of Ontario. I also believe that the most touching stories can come from anyone when they share their heart-felt and moving stories on camera. Filming these stories allows me to capture time and life itself, making it possible to share important and enlightening information with the world, and to move people through these incredible stories. This is where my true passion lies. I can't imagine a more rewarding job.